Theory and Featuring

1. Water pressure drive the gearbox on rotary nozzles to making nozzle revolving. 2. Use Fufong patented stainless steel atomise plate to drive nozzle revolving and making fog. 3. Lightweight design, easy to install.
4. Work with all type of nozzles, applicable to various fogging uses. Provided the perfect solution.


Using water as intermediary to cooling is the most environmentally and clean , 1 Liter water get complete heat of evaporation can take away 1900 BTU heat to cooling 5 degree temperature.
At present, directed high pressure fog system facilities have been widely used as a solution to high temperature methods, however, the traditional nozzle making fog on one direction, it’s easily making fog particles overlapping causing humidity to be saturated.
On the rotary nozzle had reaction force of the fog nozzle and plate nozzle to causing air flow and fog diffuse.Therefore, when rotary nozzle slow rotation making fog molecules evenly distributes will cutting hot air and tiny fog particle easier evaporation to exchange heat in air .


In the same water volume when water through pressure become fog, the smaller atomised water molecule have larger surface area; also when the rotary nozzle rotating circle, the fog particles are evenly distributed in the space and collide with dry air.
That will increase the chance of combining with dry air making the micro fog molecule have great humidification effect.

Automatic Spraying Drug Solution (Nutrient Solution)

Rotary Nozzle work with high pressure, causing rotation will produce stereoscopic fog particle, it’s can increase spray efficiency , save manpower and consumable costs.


1.Livestock: Poultry, Hog , Cowshed ,Sheep ,Swallow House, Cattle …etc Farms. 2.Planting: Orchard, Greenhouse , Mushroom Shed ,Tea Plantation , Garden …etc. 3.Industry: Factory cooling , Textile Factory Humidification , Industry Or Construction Site Dust Reduction…etc.
4.Purifying air: Deodorisation Of Garbage Dumps , Kitchen deodorisation … etc.