products - Fog System


The completed fogging system is suitable for medium-sized venues, such as outdoor restaurants, disinfection aisles, garbage dumps, food waste rooms, or engineering site dust reduction …etc.

FuFong’s professional engineer team has 20 years of on-site planning experience. We can use our patent directional vortex SS filter nozzle or rotary nozzle to create the best fog system according to customer needs and site design planning. The entire system is equipped with a smart control system to provide precise atomisation effects in conjunction with sensing the surrounding environment. The best effect of cooling and disinfection can be achieved by FuFong fog system.

After providing the size of the use site and the application occasion, the Fufong team will offer preliminary system recommendations first; through communication and coordination, we’ll follow the requirement design a complete planning estimate and attach the installation system plan to facilitate the construction team’s construction.