FU FONG Fogging CO., was established in 2004 ,We are a company professional committed to manufacturing fog nozzles, fitting and accessories in Taiwan, in recent years, we has been developed the first stainless steel filter vortex nozzle to greatly improve the quality and life of the fogging system.

We are not only provide stable quality in the fog system components, but also continuously improve the fogging system.

Our engineers have more than 30 years of on-site planning expertise and experience to provide customized and complete fog system design. We can provide a stable supply not only in domestic sale , also exported to more than 30 countries around the world, fog system use many stability success case for wide range of regional .

With the mind of 「making fog by water to growing organism」, we hope 「spraying system」 can make environmental better in the world

Product introduction

We manufacture professional fog parts and provide a complete fog system:
Nozzle: Filter Nozzles , Stainless Steel Sheet Nozzle,Ceramic nozzle,Low pressure Button type nozzle and Fast slip Nozzle…etc, and there are various types of dental regulations such as NO10-24UNC, NO12-24UNC, 1 / 8PT … etc;
Fitting and accessories:There are slip fittings,lock fittings, thread fittings, welded fittings and other accessories for extends nozzle.
Section of pipe: diameter available from 1/4 “to 1/2” high-pressure fog using : Stainless Steel Pipe, High-Pressure HDPE pipe, High Pressure nylon tube, Mid pressure nylon tube;
Fog system is the most important parts is Filter, we have the low pressure water filters, high-pressure filter tube system, RO filtration group, sprinklers and Nozzle filter tube …etc.


Fog systems management temperature and humidity, used for various applications, the fog system use of small amounts of water can be converted by high-pressure into small particles of mist to absorb heat energy in order to achieve regional environmental cooling effect, in addition to cooling and also can increased environmental humidity, dust suppression, effectiveness odour, Disinfection Epidemic Prevention … etc., and create a comfortable environment for human beings. Fog system can also be used for various purposes, such as in amusement parks, zoos and other special effects.
Fu Fong fog materials suitable match for many fog system as follow: Water Tap, mid pressure sprayers, high pressure pumps, mist fans.
Fog system can be used in humidification, cooling, disinfection, dust, preservation, storage and other functions, practical use for :

1.The animal husbandry.
2. Agricultural cultivation.
3.Greenhouse greenhouse crops.
4.Mushroom cultivation.
5.Business dining.
6.Activities .
7.Garden villas.
8.The family balcony.
9.Industrial plants. 8. Mines.
10.Textile Factories.
11.Cold Storage Facilities.
12.Wine Cellar Space.
13.Air Conditioner…etc.

Enterprise quality policy

Uphold products quality

From product design, development, purchase, process, packaging till shipping services, with a strict quality control system, grown up on a consistently high-quality products. Excellence, and constantly improve the quality of self-demands, is always Fu Fong fogging Ltd., remain committed to forward spirit and attitude.
Improved innovative products, systems planning, service, customer needs, identify problems, continuous improvement. Market-oriented, the development of improved practical, easy to use, has the advantage of good products and services to customers with products, service quality to meet customer requirements, and customer satisfaction as the requirements to achieve customer appreciation as the goal. Customers first , it is rich abundance of service and faith; customer satisfaction is the our service purposes.
Future: “quality, service, innovation and responsibility” is our customer-centric business philosophy, we will continue with four quality policy, to provide customers with quality products and satisfactory services.