FU FONG Fogging CO., was established in 2004 ,We are a company professional committed to manufacturing fog nozzles, fitting and accessories in Taiwan, in recent years, we has been developed the first stainless steel filter vortex nozzle to greatly improve the quality and life of the fogging system.
We are not only provide stable quality in the fog system components, but also continuously improve the fogging system.
Our engineers have more than 30 years of on-site planning expertise and experience to provide customized and complete fog system design. We can provide a stable supply not only in domestic sale , also exported to more than 30 countries around the world, fog system use many stability success case for wide range of regional .

With the mind of 「making fog by water to growing organism」, we hope 「spraying system」 can make environmental better in the world




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Extended accessories

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Fog System

DIY Mist system


2023 VIV exhibition

Dear friends, We are thrilled to announce that our company will be participating in the. At the exhibition, we will showcase our newest products – Rotary nozzle and fogging system that can be used for cooling, disinfection, and dust reduction in livestock environments. With 15 years of experience in manufacturing misting products and nearly 30...
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